It's me  这就是我

It’s me 这就是我

Hello Im a guy who is
a quite different than
other people and I enjoy
to play with music in my own way
it’s why my music are placed in
different categories and styles.
I enjoy experiment with the sound and sometimes with strange results.
I have always used what ever i come by as a tool to create music and most of my
equipment are salvaged from old stuff found by dumbsterdiving , yes im a poor guy
but knowledge let me do a lot of things without using a lot of money ;O)
Everything on all my pages are designed by me and all coding , pictures , videos ect ,
are also by me ;o) If you want to know something about me , just ask , who is asking
is the one who will know and knowledge don’t come out of nothing so feel free to ask ;O)
Im a musician who like to experiment with noise.
I have build my equipment by myself ( from amps to recorders )
I dont have a million $ studio and I don’t want one.
Im experimenting with the music and play all instruments myself.
Nobody ever teaches me music I just learn by myself and no I don’t play live.

Yes Im a Communist.

Because we are all humans and humans should be equal.

No classbased system only one class : Middelclass.

No poor people and no rich people only Middelclass Humans.

I belive in a better world where all humans are equal and with no wars

and a high moral between humans.

Where humans learn to use the nature insteadt of destroy it.

The ice disapear too quickly , the solution is not simple, but remember to plant trees,

after all, the trees use CO2 as a natural part of photosyntesis to produce oxygen to us all.

The CO2 polution was not a problem if we havent just chopped down our forest’s ,

remember the forest is our planets lungs ,so please help support plant trees and

help bringing the CO2 down again , why people don’t mention that our trees use the

CO2 and insteadt of , just whining about the polution while they chop down our trees

at the same time.

I don’t relly understand it, Maby humans are just plain stupid and greedy.

Support our forests and do something relly good for us all.

An experiment : Sit down and look around you ,

see how much made from trees surround you ? WTF ,,, Scary right.

The railways how much ? big houses , ships ect ect.

Think about it and think ,


But but they also made the air filled with water , steam

and where you have trees before you now have a desert , why ????

The industry chopping down our forests should by law clean

up after themselves and plant new trees and remember most

trees take about 20 yers or even more to grow up.

Let the rich capitalistic companies pay for their mess

and clean up after themselves.

Think. AND DO SOMETHING . All the best from Kenneth , Astro3000 ;O)